Hello from the Frozen Tundra


This is our personal website. Currently I am interested in Artificial Inteligence and its implications.

A Haiku written by an AI

Sakura Spring

Cherry blossoms bloom,
Softly falling on the ground,
Spring's sweetest perfume.

note: I asked the AI to provide a title. It could not do that because it doesn't understand the poem. It provided the word "Sakura" which is the Japanese word for cherry blossom but it didn't suggest the aliteration nor did it tie it to the seaonality of Spring.

A Poem about a Dog written by an AI

My Faithful Furry Friend

A loyal friend, a canine by my side,
With wagging tail and eyes that shine so bright,
My faithful pup, who loves to run and hide,
And snuggle close to me all through the night.

With soft fur coat and playful bark so loud,
He bounds around and chases after balls,
A furry blur against the greenery shroud,
As sunlight through the leaves around him falls.

But in the stillness of a quiet room,
He curls up close and settles down to sleep,
His gentle breaths dispelling all the gloom,
As in his slumber, watchful vigil keep.

Oh, dog of mine, so faithful, true and kind,
Forever in my heart you'll be enshrined.

note: again, there the AI could not come up with a title and didn't know to use aliteration here as well, or that fiathful and loyal point to friend.

Question: What is a "greenery shroud"?

In the context of the poem I wrote, "greenery shroud" is meant to describe the environment where the dog is playing. It refers to a covering of green vegetation, such as trees, bushes, or grass, that provides a natural backdrop for the dog's playful activities. The word "shroud" in this context implies that the greenery surrounds and envelops the dog, almost like a cloak or covering. It's a way to evoke a sense of natural beauty and vibrancy in the scene.