Lexi's Story


Lexi is a Lab-Mix that we adopted. She's a very good dog and has very few foibles. This is her page.

Want your ball?
Our Dog, Alexia (Lexi)
Lexi waiting for ball

Here is Lexi (formally, Alexia) enthusiastically looking for me to toss her a ball. We "rescued" Lexi from the Wisconsin Humane Society, located at 4500 West Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee where she stayed for about three months after being brought up North from Mississippi (the humane society periodically goes down south to collect dogs that need homes, but most of the dogs are surrendered or from local sources.

Lexi was at the shelter for a long time beause she was such a timid dog. Barbara and I watched as families and individuals tried to get close to her. She kept scooting away from them, just out of reach. We knew that if we backked into the kennel, she might warm up to us, so that's what we did. About 5 minutes later, Lexi had her head in Barb's lap and that was that, she picked us.

Lexi is still a bit jumpy, she seems to feel something will grab her or fall on her, but we've been able to help her get over most of her fears. She goes to daycare regularly and was socialized early on. Being around other dogs is calming for her and she takes her queues from them about where the danger is. If other dogs aren't worryed, then she isn't.

The name "Alexia", accoring to baby name sites means: "defender" which certaly fits her, as she's a great watch dog. Ironically, perhaps, it is also the name of a neurological disorder (Alexia) which is: "aphasia marked by loss of ability to read." Which is fitting as we are pretty sure she can't read.